About ABER

ABER is an expert in the domain of the oil-hydraulic and in the transmission of power applied mainly on trucks (cranes and tippers).
In its domains ABER is one of the most important manufacturers in the international market. The close relationship with its customers has, over the years, produced a customer base that is both loyal and expanding.
Founded in Maia (Porto – Portugal) in 1972, ABER currently occupies a site of 7,300 square meters, being its production and management area of 4,500 square meters.
The plant has achieved ISO 9001 certification.
Obtained invention patents and constant introduction of new products are the result of the quest for innovation and dynamism. This endless search for technological progress ensures its customers that it offers the best solution for the task in hand.
On its daily work ABER conjugates the use of the best available productive equipment and the best methods of quality control; and priorities the respect for its collaborators, for the work well done, the honesty in its relationship with customers and suppliers, and the excellence of the products placed in the whole world.

Why ABER is perfect to choose

The advantages we can name for ABER in comparison with other brands:
1-Higher quality products
2-Compliance with all European Standards
3-To cover all flanges and shafts in pumps and hydraulic motors
4-To patent various specialized technologies for customers’ special applications

5-Low noise
6-Less expensive, compared with similar products of other well-known brands
7-After sales services from Lajvar Arman Company
8-Free consultation from Lajvar Arman’s sxperts

Wide range of displacements

1- VDP SERIES 40 cc/rot to 109 cc/rot (2.4 in3/rot to 6.7 in3/rot)
2- BI SERIES 17 cc/rot to 172 cc/rot (1.0 in3/rot to 10.5 in3/rot)
3- BID SERIES 38+37 cc/rot to 70+66 cc/rot (2.3+2.3 in3/rot to 4.3+4.0 in3/rot)
4- BIF SERIES 17 cc/rot to 81 cc/rot (1.0 in3/rot to 4.9 in3/rot)
5- BH SERIES 14 cc/rot to 110 cc/rot (0.9 in3/rot to 6.7 in3/rot)
6- BHD SERIES 20+20 cc/rot to 83+42 cc/rot (1.2+1.2 in3/rot to 5.1+2.6 in3/rot)

Piston Pumps

ABER piston pumps are an example of our fine tuning and engineering.
1- Variable Displacement Pumps
3- Bent Axis Piston Pumps
5- Straight Piston Pumps

ABER Products