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The company has been named after a beautiful mountain located a short distance to the west of Arak. The Administrative Area of Lajvar is 3000 mm and it has 15000 Covered Workshop Area and 25000 Open Workshop Area. The Warehouse Area is 7000 and the Total Area is 50000 mm. Lajvar has 25 MSC , MA Experts & 40 BSC & BA Experts and 40 Technicians. Lajvar has the output capacity of 300 cranes and aerial work platforms.
Lajvar Company as one of the subdivisions of the Group is the only Iranian company holding the international standard ISO9001: 2008 for designing and manufacturing hydraulic aerial work platforms and truck mounted cranes and having Quality and Standard Plate of Iran and authorized from the Traffic and Transportation Office of Iran for registering vehicles. All the process of designing, consulting, and supervising the production line is done by the engineering and designing department of the Company. This department carries out the process according to the latest international, European, and American Standards such as, ISO, DIN, BS and ANSI. Also, the quality control department of the Company strictly controls all the materials, and hydraulic and electric parts, and etc. from manufacturing phase to assembly and test. Factors like attention to the customers' needs, strict quality control tests, utilization of the most advanced engineering tools for designing and manufacturing, using the most qualified type of material, followings standards and safety rules, training the operators, fast and on time after sales services, and etc. helped Lajvar to be the market leader in oil, constructional, installation, agricultural, rescue…projects.


Lajvar Company is composed of the following sections:
  • Engineering & Designing Department
  • Sale Department
  • After Sales Service Department
  • Quality Control Department
  • Commerce Department
  • Training Department

This department does all process of designing by experts according to the last international, European and American standards provision like ISO, DIN, BS, ANSI. In this regards they use acceptable scientific process like Finite Elements way and in all designing process they use softwares like:

  • Ansys: for analyzing & calculating the strength of all parts in each unit
  • Mechanical desktop & Inventor : for drawing and designing parts
  • Working model: making dynamical imagery of mechanisms

Total Report up to 2016 Year

  1. 780 units Ministry of Energy
  2. 166 units Ministry of Oil
  3. 324 units Ministry of the Interior
  4. 112 units Ministry of Roads and Urban Development
  5. 43 units Telecommunication Companies
  6. 297 units Private Companies
  7. 490 units Others
  • fast and reliable service.
  • The assistance of an equipped workshop and an experienced team of technicians.
  • Offer to customers a special type of service for all their machineries including aerial work platforms and cranes working in governmental and non-govermental organizations. Regardless of their brand.

Control: The contrast between what has done and what should be done.

Quality: Competencies and characteristics that a product must meet in order to satisfy consumer expectations.

Quality Control: The system to reach a desired level of quality of a product or production process.

From 1997 and with arrangements made by the Technical Education and Vocational Organization, all operators who work with Lajvar Products, after spending training course and success in exam, they will give International Certification.

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