About Us

Lajvar Arman company

Lajvar Arman Company emerged in order to start a professional commercial company for the procurement of a variety of elevators, cranes, and road construction machinery. Possessing a headquarter in Vanak Sq. nabourhood and employing well-educated staff who are highly specialized in marketing business, Lajvar Arman Co. has succeeded in achieving significant attainments of sales, after sale services, imports, and exports. It has facilitated the development of domestic production as well as rivalry in international and indigenous trade works in its vision of the future by adopting a viable strategy.
Under its policies of customer orientation and special attention to our valuable clients, on the slogan “Urgent Action” and “Quality measurements”, Lajvar Arman Co. in the early 1395 proceeded to establish its central repair and services agent located in 15th kilometer of Makhsoos (Lashghari) Raod- Tehran. Hiring broadly educated, established, and professional workforce, in a well-equipped, standard working environment in the form of distint units, including the Administration section, Storehouse, Mechanic Station, Hydraulic, Electrical, Structural ones, special Cabins for Welding and Cutting operations, and an independent painting unit, this special clinic is able to offer both complete and partial overhauls and services to all Hydraulic Elevating Platforms, Truck Cranes, Lift Trucks, all kinds of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, Road Construction Machinery, and other Mobile Hydraulic devices in a work-station approaching 1000 square meters.


Lajvar Arman Co., in addition, has attained official selling as well as after sale services agent of well-known manufacturers mentioned bellow to meet the demands of customers in Iran and even in adjacent countries for devices not made by domestic factories.

Having 30 year old practical experience in Iran’s Industry sphere (designing, manufacturing, and making two varieties of Hydraulic Elevating Platforms ranging from 9 to 33 meters and various Truck Cranes with maximum capacity from 3 to 60 tons), Lajvar Factory is the only holder of ISO 9001 and Iran Standard & Quality Inspection (ISQI) certificates and possesses vehicle numbering permit on behalf of Office Assistant for Traffic Department. The most important products of Lajvar Factory include aviation, firefighting, and insulated Aerial Work Platforms, Articulated Cranes from 3 to 10 tones, and Telescopic Cranes from 10 to 60tons.

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1992 China with 25 year old strong experience of innovation and development, has ten main products and 73 production lines as well as 1000 types of products, covering the cooperation with 100 countries. One of the most important products of the company is Rough Terrain Crane with the rated lift capacity of 35, 60, 75, and 100 tons, the official selling agent of which has been granted to Lajvar Arman Co. in Iran.

FRANCE ELEVATUER Group is a designer and manufacturer of Articulated Elevating Platforms mainly used for installation and maintenance in electrical transfer, public illumination, tele-communication lines, painting, building construction, and municipal equipment repair works.

ABER Co. is established in 1972 in Portugal, and is currently engaged in manufacturing hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and hydraulic-pneumatic controllers, discharge cutters, hydraulic power packs, Woot Kits, and P.T.O.s, and is specialized in making hydraulic equipment for petroleum and power transfer, mountable on Trucks, Cranes, and Dischargers.

Lajvar Arman from today's view

Currently, the company works as an exclusive selling and after sale services agent of the products of Lajvar Factory. The brilliant advantages of Lajvar Arman Co. are as follow:

  1. To apply experienced experts to both thorough and partial overhauls
  2. To officially guarantee repair works and sold spare parts
  3. To have the required authorizations of safety-technical inspections upon machinery produced by Lajvar Factory.
  4. Easy access to original, high quality spare parts
  5. To recruit mobile technicians in order to inspect devices and also to repair them in preferred places of clients when demanded