From medium voltage (between 20 kV and 63kV) up to very high voltage (between 400kV and 750kV) from truck mounted insulated boom to self-propelled units to work in substations, France Elevateur’s range of insulated aerial work platform provides you with more safety with booms not only complying but also exceeding IEC 1057 and approved for the 3 methods of work for LLW: Hot Stick, Insulated Gloves and Bare Hand including work under rain from 17 to 20 meters working height.

Model Working height (m) Total outreach (m) Basket load capacity (kg) Basket dimensions (mm) Turret rotation (.Deg) Max. insulation voltage (KV) Basket rotation °
172 ATBI 17 7 320 1500×1220×1220 2*135 Up to 765 2x80
172 TBI 17 12 265 900×720×1120 2*135 Up to 63 2x180
202 TBI 20 12 265 900×720×1120 2*135 Up to 63 2x180

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