This group emerged in 1984, setting up of IBIS FOURGON Ltd. through the takeover of the aerial platforms business. In 1987, the group goes bankrupt and changes its brand into FRANCE ELEVATEUR. FRANCE ELEVATEUR, in 1996, becomes the first French manufacturer of aerial platforms certified by ISO 9001 norm. In the 1990s and 2000s, France Elevateur expands its production capacity form 120 vehicles per year to 1000, and in 2007 opens up its new factory in a 50000 square meter field. Making its best effort to broaden the domain of its activity in foreign countries, the group, in the 2010s, has established subdivisions in Germany and BENELUX market.


FRANCE ELEVATEUR is a French manufacturer of AERIAL PLATFORMS in the city of Flavigny-Sur-Moselle. It’s headquarter and production facilities are located in Eastern France, the group is integrating; designing and manufacturing its own products.


FRANCE ELEVATEUR’s product range covers working heights between 7 and 35m, with several types of platform designs; articulated and telescopic booms with the option of fixed or hydraulic fly jibs; vertical mast platforms; sigma booms with rotating platforms. The platform range can be installed on either a wide variety of vans and trucks, with the option for an integrated workshop or specialist body. Part of the production is bespoke platforms designed upon customers’ specific request and application. Such versatile production is enabled through a powerful CAD-ERP system and a highly flexible production method. FRANCE ELEVATEUR was the first French manufacturer of aerial platform working with that kind of CAD-ERP system.


ECOLOGY: In harmony with sustainable development, France ELEVATEUR creates in 2000 an ecological aerial platform. This allows us to maintain the integrity of environment in order to ensure health and security for people and ecosystems
ECONOMY: This investment paid for itself in less than two months
ENERGY: Some products of the group have been appreciated due to their comfort of use and for the low noise pollution

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