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RT75 Item Unit Value
Work performance Max. rated lift capacity × work radius kg.m 75000×3.0
Max. load moment of basic boom kN.m 2814
Max. load moment of fully extended main boom kN.m 1184
Max. lift height of fully extended main boom m 41
Max. lift height of jib m 56.8
Dimensions overall dimensions (L×W×H) mm * mm * mm 14897×3395×3840
Outrigger spread (L×W) mm * mm 7380×1300
Main boom length (Fully retracted fully extended) mm 12500-38500
Jib length (Jib section 1,jib sections 1+2) mm 10000-170000
Boom angle - -3 - 78
Swing range - 360°unlimited swing(Full range)
Work Speeds Max. hoist rope speed (Main winch) m/min 125
Min. boom extend time s 110
Min. boom retract time s 90
Min. boom derrick up time s 80
Min. boom derrick down time s 70
Swing speed r/min 0-2
Hydraulic system Rated working pressure MPa 29
Rated work oil flow L/min 320
Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 1000
Mass Complete vehicle mass kg 52840
Front axle load kg 27760
Rear axle load kg 25080
Travel Max. Traveling speed (forwards / backwards) km/h 36/36
Wheelbase mm 4150
Treads (Front / rear) mm 2632

Maneuverable and robust drive

Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer chassis

Fully hydraulic steering system

Variable steering modes, front-wheel steer,four-wheel steer and crab steer

Short vehicle length and small turning radius provide the crane with maximum maneuverability and flexibility in narrow job sites

Excellent off-road capability

Big ground clearance and departure / approach angle offer excellent off-road capability

Strong gradeability

Cummins electronically-controlled engine, automated transmission and steerable drive axlex provide reliable power output

Even in the condition of abrupt road resistance,the engine can also be functional

Four-wheel drive, hydraulic suspension and special tires optimize the vehicle’ s drive performance to its maximum, suitable for any bad roads and job sites

Pick-and-carry operations

The rough terrain crane has the ability to pick and carry loads, thus improves the working efficiency greatly

The crane can also carry out ”On tires“ Lifts without extending the outrigger beams in narrow job sites

Superior pick-and-carry ability during short-distance transit can bring great convenience to the users

Single cab design

Single cab design with large skylight provides large field of view

Air-cushioned seat suits to all types of figures, which can release the driver’ s or operator’ s fatigue, thus improves the working efficiency

The crane is fitted with air conditioning, suitable for all-weather work

Digital display and keyboard units,advanced data bus technology,error check and audible & acoustic alarm ensure the safety and high efficiency of the operation

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